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More information on what we offer.

ORGANIZATION- Rochester Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization which has been licensed since January, 1955. The parents maintain and operate the preschool through a Board of Directors. Every member of the cooperative serves on a committee.

PROGRAM- Children admitted to the program must be three years of age by December 1. Groups are made up of three year olds, four year olds, or combinations. Children attend two or three sessions per week. The Rochester Cooperative Preschool provides developmental experiences for both the child and his/her parents. These include opportunities for large and small motor development, listening and perceptual skills, free play, creative expression and teacher-directed activites.
Play is the most important way in which young children learn about their environment. First and foremost in achieving our goal is the social interaction among teacher, child, and parent. The adult to child ratio is less than 5 students to one adult.

HEALTH RULES- We are required to conform to certain health rules established by the Department of Social Services and the Preschool's By-Laws. All children must be current on vaccinations and have a physical examination evidenced by a Health Form.

SAFETY RULES- Safety is a priority! Children are released ONLY to parents. No smoking is permitted around the children at any time.