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What is a Cooperative Preschool?

A Cooperative Preschool is a group of families who together provide their preschool children with the advantages of supervised group learning in an environment geared for their individual and group needs.

Conforming to State rules and licensing, we hire a qualified professional preschool teacher, find a safe and suitable location, build, buy and maintain equipment, and operate the business of the preschool on a non-profit basis. Costs are kept to a minimum by members doing much of the work themselves.

What will my child gain by attending a cooperative preschool?

*Sharing of school time with parents.

*Friendly adults who accept him/her as they are in a safe and nurturing environment.

*Other children to interact with.

*A place designed for a child to try out many muscles and ideas with a variety of equipment.

*An atmosphere in which he/she is encouraged to be curious and creative.

*An opportunity to function as an individual and as a member of a group.

*An opportunity to increase self-worth.

*An opportunity for learning to respect and accept the differences and rights of others.

What am I expected to do?

The Cooperative Preschool involves both parents. Moms and dads are involved in assisting the teacher during class time, as well as participating in the operational activities, such as serving on the Board of Directors.

By attending the Preschool's parent-education programs and working with the children under the teacher's direction, parents grow in the understanding of their own and other children. By attending meetings and serving on committees, parents keep the preschool functioning. Providing this pleasant preschool experience, parents can help their children to cross the bridge between school and home.

What will I gain from a cooperative preschool?

*Support during the joyous and trying times of child rearing.

*An opportunity to know other parents.

*Time to observe your child and other young children in a group setting.

*A chance to contribute your abilities and to discover hidden talents.

*Useful ideas for helping your child at home and in the world around them.