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No School Review school rules & tour of classroom. BOOK-"Franklin Goes to School". CONCEPT-School is FUN! Outside rules & tour of playground. BOOK-"Safety First". CONCEPT-Safety rules.
Show & Tell something round. BOOK-"Wheels on the Bus". CONCEPT-Shapes.snack: Cheerios. Show & Tell something red. BOOK-"Clifford the Big Red Dog". CONCEPT-Colors. snack: red jello. Bring a Teddy Bear to school today. BOOK-"Where's my Teddy?". CONCEPT-Friendship.
BOOK-"Five Little Ducks". CONCEPT-Counting. snack: sunflower seeds & raisins. Your child's artwork will not be their own today. BOOK-"Be My Friend". CONCEPT-How to make friends. Bring a fruit to school to add to our fruit salad. BOOK- "The Little Red House with no Doors". CONCEPT-Sharing.
We will make a nature sculpture following a walk. BOOK-"The Four Seasons". CONCEPT-Fall. Show & tell pet pictures. BOOK-"I wish I had a pet". CONCEPT- Pets. snack: goldfish crackers. BOOK-"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" CONCEPT- Names of colors.



We will fingerpaint. BOOK-"My crayons Talk". CONCEPT-red+blue=purple. We will make apple trees today. BOOK-"Apple Pigs". CONCEPT-The color red.
We will have our first class field trip to a local apple orchard!
We will make SLIME! BOOK- "Anna & the Little Green Dragon". CONCEPT-blue+yellow=green. We will go on a nature walk. BOOK-"The Four Seasons". CONCEPT-Colors of fall. BOOK-"Fire Engines". CONCEPT-red+yellow=orange.
Show & tell: show me your favorite color. BOOK- "Hats off for Olivia" CONCEPT-Identifying colors. BOOK-"Clifford's 1st Halloween". CONCEPT-Trick or treat. HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN!